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When talking about how a real estate market is doing, the terms buyer’s market and seller’s market get tossed around a lot. What do these terms mean? Why are they important? Referring to a real estate market as a buyer’s market, a seller’s market, or a balanced market is a way of taking the temperature of a real estate market. Whether you are planning on buying a home or selling a home, the state of the local real estate market will affect you in some way. All real estate is local. A real es... read more

Buying in a seller’s market

Posted by Coldwell Banker MM Parrish on September 22, 2020 in  Home Buying  Home Selling
Buying in a seller’s market in Gainesville can be challenging. With mortgage rates and housing inventory at historic lows, Gainesville home buyers find themselves fighting over a limited amount of houses for sale. Bidding wars and offers at or over asking price are not unusual. This news excites Gainesville home sellers. Gainesville home buyers...not so much. Gainesville is a seller’s market Gainesville was a seller’s market long before the start of the spring selling season. Normally in the sprin... read more

Selling your house during a pandemic

Posted by Coleen DeGroff on June 07, 2020 in  Home Selling  Real Estate Trends
Selling your house during a pandemic is not a scenario that anyone could have imagined just a few short months ago. Yet here we are. Coronavirus breezed into the Gainesville real estate market in March just as the spring selling season was ramping up. Many homeowners who had waited until spring to list their homes held back, wondering if they'd be able to sell their homes. The worry is understandable. We are living in extraordinary times. We thought it might be helpful to provide you with a 30,000 foot view of ... read more

Choosing Color for your Gainesville home? HELP!

Posted by Kathryn Pizzurro on April 27, 2017 in  Home Selling  Household Tips
Whether you are a new Gainesville homeowner, a 15-year resident looking for a quick, inexpensive home update or even if you are looking to sell your home soon, chances are you’ve considered repainting a room or two. A new coat of paint in your house gives it that fresh, new lease on life your home may need – or catch the eye of a potential home buyer.  But where do you begin?  Walk into any home improvement or paint supply store and the choices are staggering. Try to go neutral wit... read more
As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, but does that hold true when buying or selling a home?  It sure does according to Barbara Corcoran, real estate agent and mogul featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.  “Buyers decide within 8 seconds whether they are interested in your home,” says Corcoran.  So, when selling your Gainesville home, how do you pack those first eight seconds with the most positive punch you’ve got?  Addressing cur... read more